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over 10 years modeling experience

Over ten years ago I started playing around with self portrait photography. With the blossoming of social media and the internet I had various platforms online I could post my art on. Eventually this introduced me to several photographers and friends within this creative industry. As the years passed I grew as a model and an artist. Featured in several magazine publications, websites, runway shows, museums and catalogs my career was booming. Eventually I found myself at a roadblock creatively as I was unable to create the images that were floating around in my head only being a model. So I picked up a camera.

I started out with film photography and learned to develop my own prints in a darkroom. Due to this I have learned an incredible attention to detail and the importance of getting that one image perfect. Not long after I bought my digital camera. With the freedom of post processing and viewing images before they're developed I felt unstoppable. 

I continue to learn and create with my camera, striving to create images that are on their own works of art. 

I look forward to creating with you.

Jay Nic